Updated 10/6/2023: After hours access - Use gate at Pilot Shop: combination C520. PROGRESS! Our large Hangar refurbishment is nearly complete! New Heaters and Fan to go!

(717) 569-1953

Meet the Team

Todd AdamsPresident/Treasurer
                                   James GoodVice President                                                Brody Reisinger – Secretary              

Todd AdamsManager/Sales
(717) 569-1953 – Phone
(717) 569-1722 – Fax

James GoodShop Foreman
(717) 569-1953 – Phone
(717) 569-1722 – Fax

Installation Technicians
Chris Conti
Joel Harnish
Anthony Monteleone
Brody Reisinger

Mark ForthCoordinator/Repairs
(717) 569-1953 – Phone
(717) 569-1722 – Fax

Doris KnierAccounting accounting@lancasteravionics.com
(717) 569-1953 – Phone
(717) 569-1722 – Fax 

Repair Technicians
Ryan Haldeman
Jessica Wilson

All-Time Roster

The following is a list of employees associated with our Avionics Shop over the years. We want to acknowledge these individuals for their service that has made Lancaster Avionics what it is today. A special thanks to former Manager Larry Miller for “never throwing anything away” hence providing “old” phone lists from days past. We apologize if we have missed anyone. If you know of someone not on this list, please forward the person’s name to us using the following link: sales@lancasteravionics.com

* Todd Adams
Marshall Antanon
Jim Cassidy
* Chris Conti
Joe Crissman
* Mark Forth
Dana Geckle
Todd Gibson
* Jim Good
Orie Good
Dan Haas
* Ryan Haldeman
* Joel Harnish
James Hauser
Charlie Heim
Ralph Herr
Nicole Keemer
Ed Kelly
Andy Knowlton
* Doris Knier
Frank Kobi
Matthew Krepps
Scott Kuhns
Guy “Frenchie” Lafollete

Derwood Lapp
Molly Layser
Robert Lawson
Jared Martin
Jim McKechnie
Larry Miller
Phil Moffler
* Anthony Monteleone
Kyle Reed
* Brody Reisinger
Kevin Sensenig
Randolph Simonds
Jim Smith
Tim Spoo                                                                                Richard Statler                                                                       Jeanne Sweater
Marlin Walmer
Henry Weber 
Gene Widenhofer
Ken Wiggins
Wayne Wiggins                                                                                 * Jessica Wilson

Note: An asterisk (*) next to the individual’s name denotes an active member.