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The History of Lancaster Avionics

The core of Lancaster Avionics Inc. has been around for many years. It all started around 1969 under the name of Lancaster Aviation. With the financial backing of Charles Chips, Charles Heim and Larry Miller spent the first year gearing up the avionics shop for service making harnesses, acquiring technical publications, and acquiring test equipment. During this first year, no aircraft were serviced. Leon Bright was the Director of Maintenance.

Lancaster Aviation grew to become a full-service FBO including Flight Training, Fuel Sales, Aircraft Sales, Maintenance, and Avionics. The business flourished from the ’70s through the late ’80s. Charles (Chuck) Smith was hired as the General Manager in the early 80’s. The most significant expansion took place under his administration including the completion of the building now known as Lancaster Avionics Inc. The avionics shop developed a reputation for excellence during these years that was matched by few.

Financial challenges loomed during an economic downswing that coincided with Desert Storm. A merger took place between Romar Aviation and Lancaster Aviation. The FBO was renamed Lancaster Flight Center. The financial challenges continued for the next couple of years. The challenges were so difficult that the reputation of the avionics shop could not endure. This scenario laid the groundwork for Lancaster Avionics Inc.

In late 1995, two local businessmen decided to purchase the avionics shop and named it Lancaster Avionics Inc. These men were Henry Weber (President), former founder and owner of Henry Weber Aircraft Distributors, and the late Marlin Walmer (VicePresident), former founder and owner of Electron Energy Corp. Both men put their friendship and their love of flying to work to make sure an avionics shop remained at Lancaster Airport. Larry Miller stayed on as Manager of the shop for a couple of years before retiring.

The torch of ownership was passed in May 2013. Henry Weber sold the shares of this business to Todd Adams and James Good. Despite relinquishing control of the business, Mr. Weber remained involved as the Corporate Secretary until his passing. Mr. Weber has been an inspiration, a confidant, a friend, and a wonderful man to work for. We thank Mr. Weber for his time & dedication to this business as Todd Adams, James Good, and the rest of the Lancaster Avionics crew continues his work. Moving forward, it remains business as usual as we continue to uphold the reputation for which we have worked so hard to obtain and maintain.

Lancaster Avionics has just taken the next planned step to better secure the future for our employees and the client base that we serve by promoting from within. Effective 10/1/2022, a number of Corporate Shares have been sold to Brody Reisinger who will assume the title of Corporate Secretary. Congratulations to Brody for investing in this business! We look forward to having Brody as a new member of this partnership!

Through all the changes with what is now known as Lancaster Avionics Inc., one key element has never changed. The key has been the core crew of employees that have remained faithful to this business despite some dark and uncertain hours. None of the original crew remains employed at this facility, but we have four 30+ yr, senior employees, and four with over 15 yrs.

The current crew consists of:

President/Treasurer/Manager – Todd Adams                                                                                                                                      Vice President/Chief Inspector/Shop Foreman – James Good                                                                                                Secretary – Brody Reisinger                                                                                                                                                                     Repair Coordinator – Mark Forth
Accounting – Doris Knier
Parts – Todd Adams
Install Technicians: Joel Harnish, Anthony Monteleone, Chris Conti, & Brody Reisinger
Repair Technicians: Ryan Haldeman & Jessica Wilson

We invite you to visit us with your avionics needs so you may share in this aviation experience. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us. We hope to see you soon!